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The Perversity of Global Economics

It occurs to me that the endemic iniquity of the global financial and economic system is not an outcome or a consequence of its function and activity.  The positively obscene yawning chasm between the rich and poor is an essential precondition and sustaining feature of global economic mechanisms.  Truly equitable wealth redistribution, social justice and environmental sanity exist in a parallel universe operating under vastly different economic and moral ontologies.  While such a (better) world is not entirely implausible, its likelihood on an orbital curve of realistic probabilities is tending towards impossibility.


Wealth redistribution in Communism was a failure for exactly the same reason Capitalism has been a failure for the majority of its participants: people are effectively and essentially self-serving – they will tend to develop and deploy strategies to accumulate the most available wealth and power.  Greed itself is very much an entrained property, something which we are oriented towards from a very young age in the value-attribution systems of advertising and ownership within which we swim.  Generally speaking, you don’t need to be aware of the improprieties of a system or of its fundamentally unfair structure – if you are surviving just fine or if you are particularly successful, you can to a larger degree ignore the inequality which may nevertheless surround you.  Even those barely surviving may not even necessarily  be aware of the structural toxicity of the system and economic waters within which they swim – this is why we have entertainment culture, sports and social media to anaesthetize ourselves with.



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