Wicked Problems

Idiots will not set us free…

The most difficult problems tend to be the most fascinating ones. They also tend to be that class of conundrum to which our lumbering bureaucracies and self-interested political classes have almost no capacity or aptitude to even begin to attempt solving.

Everywhere we see “best solutions” and “action plans” presented to us as the One True Way to fix all of our problems. This represents little more than inveterate bullshit presented by those who generally have some shameless agenda of self-aggrandisation or other underlying profit motive. Applying the same old tired conceptual jargon and inherited “best practice” strategies to the magnificently complex, evolving problems we face will do little more than add complexity to those problems and inertia to the bureaucracies attempting to address them.

Solutions are of necessity (- like reality itself -) dynamic and flexible. It is a mark of a limited intelligence and failing imagination to be unable to conceive that the constitutive contingency and transience of any solution matrix to such complex problem sets as those we collectively face requires self-conscious acknowledgement of the necessarily incomplete and constantly changing, reflexive contexts in which those solutions exist.

It has been remarked before (elsewhere and by others) that we need to stop making stupid people famous but it may be an even more critical issue of collective existential longevity to stop allowing incompetent, ignorant and thoroughly unqualified people from becoming politically, organisationally and (- if this could ever be possible -) culturally powerful.

Idiots will not set us free.

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