I find myself questioning many of the assumptions that the global paradigms of organisational hierarchy and bureaucratic dysfunction are founded upon. Those same hierarchies and floundering, listless corporations and nations are constitutive of a very specific, very closed world-view. This world-view is one which privileges and selects for those opinions and minds which are either submissive to the current dysfunctional (dis-)order or which in any other sense represent no threat. Universities (for instance), being everywhere progressively privatised and corporatised find themselves, perhaps once the centers of active and consequential public debate and authentic innovation, potentially neutered in some measure by the trend towards economic dependence on towing-the-line and submissiveness to safe and unchallenging narratives and agendas. Trying to get in to any position of intellectual influence (and conceptual broadcast) without undergoing the various indoctrinations and emasculations of a sanitised academic bureaucracy represents a significant problem for progressive conceptual and cultural evolution.

We are suffering under a drought of genuine creativity and innovation in our global bureaucracies and those very systems and administrative hierarchies which are crying out for new ideas and new life find themselves everywhere suffocating the living possibility of a better, more adaptive and healthier world.


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