Digital Legacy

Your digital legacy will be all those recorded-as-binary-data artefacts, ideas, opinions and ripples-of-influence you leave behind in your wake and that after your passing will form some turbulent impression upon this shadowy, shared virtual space. It's unlikely that through our online activities any of us will make much of an impact on the path the…


Individuality is that method by which pre-existing components of culture and communication are reassembled within a single mind and expressed outwardly through behaviour and material self-expression as an affirmation and validation of self-existence. Counter-intuitively (or perhaps ironically) - individuality is often expressed in ways which require the anchoring of that aggregate self upon shared notions…

Axiomatic Relativity

Any ideological or political position for the most part represents that presentation layer or surface representation of a system of thought; itself possessing it's own axiomatic assumptions, theorems and conclusions...


There's nothing much particularly positive to say about this (image) beyond it being a specific instance and presence of a visually pleasing memorial aesthetic; perhaps, in passing reflection that death represents to our living experience a rupture and unanswerable question or otherwise unfinishable aphorism of self-expression. We can only understand or illustrate death and non-existence…

Inside Out

Do we have arguments or do arguments have us ? Our sense of privileged ownership of those contexts in which we find ourselves may be only half-true. Our individual expressions of conflict are just as often pressure-release valves for broader cultural energies and historical forces of which we and our antagonists are merely microcosms. Don't…

Unbounded Discovery

Seeking complete and consistent explanations, descriptions or theoretical frameworks in any context is always already founded upon an assumption that such intelligibility, completeness and consistency actually and foundationally exists in the world.

A Cultural Logic

I do not think we should be at all surprised by the revelation that cultural processes and psychological processes, that depth and complexity on both ends of this interdependent spectrum are effectively two ends of the same waveform.

Ouroboros-like Logic

It is particularly apparent in art and design that cultural evolution and its associated historical development and metamorphosis consists of a fundamentally incomplete logical system of complex, open and creative self-reference.

Purpose of Culture

Should we be so surprised to discover that the ways in which culture functions and processes information are also, and fundamentally, the functions and essential reasons, rationale or purposes of that culture ? #recursion