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On Stupid Ideas and Clever Solutions

Countering stupid ideas proves to be a matter of some subtlety and intelligence…

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Art without an Artist ?

Is AI-generated art an omen of things to come ? Are we writing ourselves out of our own story ?

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On Leadership

Organisational cultures are not born fully-formed (or in any sense static or complete), they are best cultivated and nurtured. For better or for worse, our leaders reflect the ground from which they grow…


Will Technology make us Stupid ?

Will technology make us stupid ? Or is there more creative and innovative opportunity than ever before to be derived from our tools of cognitive extension ?


A Paradox of Online Political Engagement

The endless stoking of the fires of difference might do little over a longer term to benefit the ideological and political voices and positions of liberalism and humanism.

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On Facts, Truth and Public Narratives

You could be mistaken for believing that the primary public narratives and political engagements of our era are dominated by simpletons and misanthropes…

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Disassembling Global Order

We can’t have peace because we are unable to precisely and concisely define and sustain the conditions of assurance, continuity and coherence which could provide that peace within a contemporary, shared conceptual framework…


Keeping it Simple: Communication Breakdown

In the sphere of information replication and mass communication, those messages which most succinctly and concisely convey meaning tend to be those which are most successful in self-propagation, regardless of the relationship of those messages to truth or fact.


The Outer Limits of Knowledge

Misunderstanding the world in fundamental ways, as we generally do, we more often (and collectively) seek continuity and security in those things which are only very rarely able to provide them…


On Personality

Personality or persona is the most concise form in which a reflexive attitude and interpretation (both from and) towards the world can be captured…