Living through Language

Do we live through words or do words live through us ?

Every conceivable assertion concerning individuation and singular possession of unique identity is made through the logical sequence of symbols and grammatical rules of language. In this system of information formulation, compression and transmission, meaningful statements serve first the purpose of replicating and validating the structure by which those messages are encoded in human language. While experience and perception are the ground of our existence, the filter and logic of symbolic communication is the method and tool set by which we render this existence intelligible. Unconscious, unstructured or prelinguistic states of mind are conceivable, perhaps inevitable, but it seems that in some way once a viral system of information encoding organically emerges, is adopted or acquired – it performs a mischievous act of deception. It is through language that we reflexively identify our own selves but in so doing, both internally and externally with others, we replicate the logic and structured sequence of the information encoding itself. We inhabit language but it equally and inversely inhabits us.

Any counter-argument is also formulated through structured thought and an associated private or public language. You can not *not* participate in the replication of a viral system of language and communication. Is language innate in the brain or purely a learned system ? It doesn’t matter – the primary purpose of any self-propagating information or energy pattern is that of autonomous self-replication and the method by which the structure reproduces itself is less important than the self-validating fact of that continuity. A self-propagating soliton is merely a materially happy coincidence of energy and context and we too, for all of our deeply narcissistic attachments to unique self-importance, are also (for the most part) merely happy concidences of self-propagating patterns and structure in matter and energy.

It is a genetic, axiomatic and foundational fact of our minds, our science and our technology: we live through words and structured self-replicating patterns of information and energy live through us.