3 thoughts on “Time, like liquid logic flows…

  1. I don’t think this is true.
    This misses the nature itself what it means to be present,and past(s) , and future..
    Meanings which don’t simply reorder.


    1. The material and logical components, entities, artefacts and systems are reordered, recombined… this is the difference and procedural inflection that we recognise as the flow of time. Yes, it is not *simply* reordered… there is a certain subtle logic to it all. ☺ My short statements introduce ambiguity… but we can not always communicate through vast tracts of dense logical architecture and rationale. I happily agree to disagree and I will hopefully find a better way to render this concisely, eventually – by reordering, restructuting my own thoughts and words into more effective patterns of communication. ☺ Thank you for your thoughts.


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