Alien Anthropology

What if there was nothing…

What if there was nothing at all?

What if there was nothing at all?

What if every fascination, every artefact of knowledge and every concept was merely the effervescent conflation of so much emptiness, inflected upon itself?

What if every ideology or school of thought does not represent, but hides (and dissimulates) that the core fact of its self-validating existence is in fact nothing at all?

What if the construction of political economy is only really the conjuring of substantive discourse and integrated ethical or financial value systems from nothing and what lies behind this, regardless of material fact or object relations, is an ontological vacuum and utterly meaningless void?

What if an obsession with the means of production actively obscures the fact that these systems work perfectly well, in fact – optimally, when no coordinate system of political or ideological constraint is cast upon them?

What if self-organisation is endemic but everywhere restrained and inhibited by selfish fear and an associated desire to control?

What if all of our strivings and aspirations were really little more than the self-propagation of a shared narrative and story that, having found itself in existence, now desperately seeks for rationale and meaning or self-validation where none actually exist?

What if all of our experience and conjugated self-awareness is merely that mirrored surface through which we inflate self-importance and purpose but which masks that there is none?

What if this whole world of human confusion and biological necessity is really just a random and meaningless fluctuation upon the surface of sime ineffable Cosmic void and all of this cultural and psychological difference, turbulence and conflict serves no purpose than to continue to recreate itself?

What if we might let the world find its own way instead of enforcing an incessant prophecy and ideology of knowing how this all actually functions and what it constitutively is?

What if there was no beginning and there is no end?

What if there was nothing at all?

One reply on “What if there was nothing…”

…and in obscuring the representational facts we might discover the truth that each individual was so interdependently intertwined and entangled with each other individual that none of them actually, substantively, exist…


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