It may be something of an intransigent irony that my own fascination with philosophy, art, emptiness and entropy should return to haunt me in the way it has. I have received legal emails concerning copyright on an image on this blog. I removed the image immediately after receiving two emails concerning the same photograph.

So – I have removed images that I did not make myself, that I had not attributed ownership of the artist, photographer, tattooist, graffiti artist, Neolithic cave-painter, architect, city planner, mathematician, physicist, random scribbler (etc.) directly. I removed hundreds of images which were used to improve the experience and overall qualitative feeling of this little project of mine. I celebrate art and artists, so I will refrain from any reference or use of any more artists or photographers (etc.) work or any more images, just in case it becomes legally problematic – ironic, isn’t it?

I will begin to write without any images or visual aesthetic of colour and form. I will adhere to words only. There will be many missing images across the 500+ posts in this blog but there is nothing I can do about that; I will remove orphaned HTML references to them when I find them. Other than that – this blog has been a personal project for the cultivation and refinement of ideas and I receive no financial or reputational benefit from it. I think, I write and I refine ideas here – that is all.

If you find references to images which are missing, please comment on the related post – I will tidy it up. Apologies for any inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “Missing Images on this Blog

  1. Oh dear! you have to take your own arty shots. Or can you not just repost acknowledge them? there are also heaps of free images on the internet. Of course it depends on what you need. Try some of the stock images places.

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