Active Measures: information, physics, influence and censorship in cyberspace

It is interesting that active intervention, interdiction and an assertion of ideological self-interest through campaigns of enthusiastic (technologically-facilitated) censorship are probably the most expensive and least efficient ways of achieving information-centric goals.

It is like attempting to cool a building by adding cold air – far more expensive in terms of energy, resources and information-processing costs than simply extracting warm air, following and cultivating the tendency of (information and energy) systems to cultivate their own self-propagating patterns and flows; it works against the natural flow and autonomously self-replicating biases implicit to cognitive and cultural information, communication or technology systems.

These active interdictions are methods of assertive self-determination which serve the dual purpose of separate, concurrent functional artefact *and* symbolic representation.  This is undoubtedly effective and makes a strong point of, well… making a strong point.

It is unlikely to represent a sustainable or uniquely sophisticated strategy.  In the longer-term we can expect to see an active engagement of unexpected information entropy through AI solutions in this adversarially-contested space.

Context: When Chinese hackers declared war on the rest of us

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