Shared, directed and manipulated dissociative delusions of grandeur or competency follow quite naturally from a world in which endless tides of abbreviated technologically-mediated superficialities are in ascendancy. If it wasn’t him in this role, it would have quite probably (and eventually) been someone just like him.

What is of far more interest than that a particular personality is emanating dissonance and confusion is that this turbulence exists. There are complex reasons for this – regarding entropy and autonomously self-propagating information and energy-processing systems but it is enough for now to suggest that this last few years of political catastrophe in the US were potentially inevitable in some shape or form.

We see very similar personality cults around the world. There is a core narrative insecurity and reflexively self-validating behavioural idiom that underlies this. It is not difficult to demonstrate or unveil the core psychological (if not ontological) patterns.

That said, it is of as much interest than that these things exist is that there are no available or unproblematically-direct channels of communication by and through which to resolve these issues. The world, it seems, is quite happily unhappy in ways which strike me as almost entirely unassailable. What a glorious enigma this is!

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