Authoritarian Insecurity

Authoritarian pathology: in love with a hate through which it self-defines and only ever generates more self-validating insecurity.

It need hardly be said that good ideas quite simply sell themselves without any effort whatsoever. Were it not that bad ideas possess just as much potential viral transmissibility as the good ones, we might not all be in quite the Global geopolitical pickle we currently find ourselves in. Truly terrible ideas, though, being hardly – perhaps – as successful or naturally endemic in populations of intelligent or sensitive and compassionate human beings, must find other ways to self-propagate.

Authoritarian systems of pathological control are precisely this kind of terrible idea. It could hardly be a natural or inevitable form of human life and experience if it should have to be brute-forced upon a population with a steel-toed boot. Further, if any system of governance and regulatory oversight finds itself in free-fall around the fantasy Other and fictional narrative Object of teleological closure, hyper-rational self-definition and narcissistic administrative self-glorification you can be all but certain that it is a very, very bad idea indeed.

Most authoritarian systems actively police the information spaces their peoples inhabit and to such a degree that those inside these structures are often enough almost entirely unaware of the extent to which they are being deceived. Self-deception is of course nothing unique or peculiar to authoritarian political systems but the aspirational unity and focus of the serial narrative falsehood are so enduring, so persistent and so repetitively engrained as normative across so many millions of minds that I can not believe that a natural human intellect will not see through such a charade for what it actually is.

If a system of political governance and ideological belief needs to be enforced without question then it is neither natural or particularly clever. Question the nature of the reality with which you are presented. Democracy is by no means perfect but the fact that it does not need to be forced upon anyone tells you everything you need to know.

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