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Flames and Darkness: Ukraine

It has been the better part of a century since the world was authentically held to ransom by the megalomaniacal will of one man but make no mistake, Vladimir Putin possesses all the spite, brutality and power-hungry greed of Adolf Hitler. He is not a Hitler, I know, but he is potentially just as much of an ugly scar upon the collective memory that is world history.

Only a psychopath could ever declare a war in the name of the protecting their own people while simultaneously bringing such a burden of hardship and poverty upon them.

Only a damaged and faulty mind could ever believe that inflicting conflict and exodus upon another country’s people was anything other than a brazen crime and even while the historical bonds between two nations have been used to justify this act.

Only a cruel dictator would choose to send their own young men into a conflict that they neither need nor want and at a cost that is potentially fatal for everyone other than Putin and his billionaire friends.

Do you see how Putin as definitive mobster kleptocrat is falling into the cyclical historical trap of creating the socioeconomic conditions conducive to uprising and revolution in his own country?

I am sharing my thoughts online, like so many others, to vent my frustration at this terrible, potentially Globally-consequential conflict. Do not doubt that this is one man’s war against humanity and that for whatever intellect and strategic aptitude he might be said to credibly possess, the game of autocratic despot is the measure of a simpleton’s brutality that in this current conflict has become amplified to the status of a monumental, historical catastrophe and unprecedented act of stupidity which threatens to engulf us all in flames and darkness.

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I strongly agree with what you are saying here, Putin is creating a potential future that nobody else wanted or asked for. Dragging the world into his own personal war raging within his own head.

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