The Arc of Autocracy always ends in Ashes

Vladimir Putin is unrepentant in his ways and I doubt that anyone will ever change such a power hungry despot. All those who surround him and enable this reign of terror over their own nation might do very well to question what will happen in a few years when he becomes old, withers and fades away. They will all be held to account for their actions.

It remains as a fact and irreducible consequence of material, logical and historical reality that all tyrants, all empires and all wicked henchmen must eventually disappear. In this context, a salient question is – if the totalitarian state depends as much on the subjugation of its own people as the imperialistic territorial expansion we are now witnessing, how long can it possibly be before a popular uprising and dramatic reversal of an oppressed and long-suffering people’s fortune occurs from within Russia? How long, that is, can their nation (and the wider world alongside them) suffer such a tyrant when no sane soul would ever choose to?

Percy Bysse Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias” comes to mind…

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