Will China support Putin’s War?

The gambler’s fallacy that doubling down on a bad bet will eventually recoup lost investments can be offset by realising a longer-term payoff in terms of territorial influence and power. Other than feeling a bit melancholy about the oppressed and serially, strategically misled and economically exploited peoples of these nations, I can not help but intuit that China will support Russia in direct measure of the extent to which they know they can cash in that influence one day. The long-game, beyond that catastrophically self-inflicted socioeconomic and domestic political turbulence that Putin has initiated by invading Ukraine, is that China will play this for an influence and control that Russia may not always be in a position to counter or negate. China is expected to make a bad choice in supporting Putin’s war as this benefits their decades-long strategic plan more than it costs them in the short term.

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