Autocracy: a Spiral into Madness

Context: Will Putin Outlast the War?

I can never quite get past the astonishing degree to which these things resemble individual psychological pathologies writ large. There may indeed be some kind of unhappy statistical inevitability of cognitive macrocosm here but for all its failures, the antithetical pole of liberal democracy certainly resembles a more successful collective, collaborative and participatory process of subjective individuation than autocratic totalitarianism ever could.

The dissociative fiction of a wilful misrepresentation of facts is asserted as a transmission medium for the dissonant identities (and ideologies) it invokes. This then generates feedback loops in which the projected fears of persecution, alienation and isolation are realised and the whole experience (as much as cyclical historical spiral) proceeds – revivified – to self-validate as a function of its own intractable, intransigent insecurity. They are trapped in a hyper-inflating tesseract of their own wilful self-deception.

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