The Rank Stupidity of an Imperialist War in Ukraine

Imperialist wars such as this are the absurd brutalities upon which intergenerational trauma, reflexive fear and the inevitability of future conflicts are anchored. Putin will one day fade away from the world, leaving behind him only the bitter sorrow and haunting regrets of a broken people, on all sides of whichever borders prevail after this madness passes.

My question: if the political ambitions of an obscenely wealthy minority are grounded upon the stories they tell themselves as ideological myths of nationalist predestination and retributive justice, where is the justice for the thousands of their own young men that they send so carelessly into suffering and slaughter?

It is such a tragedy and masking the utter incompetency of a political regime by grand distractions and misdirections is profoundly, irredeemably ridiculous. It is almost as though the leadership of that nation fails to understand that what they now engage in is in fact the singularly most costly way to build a nation and an empire.

This war is an act of selfish desperation and myopic stupidity. It’s consequences will cost us all, in all countries, and terribly so. Putin is not a mastermind, he is merely a thug that plays the Machiavellian political games of his country like a skilled musician and this internecine brutality inflicted upon all peoples is an act of monumentally regrettable strategic and geopolitical stupidity, a hollow funeral lament.

What is happening here, quite above and beyond the borders, the battles and the bloody tragedy of it all, is that the foundations for a future built upon suffering are being cultivated. This tells you everything you need to know about imperialist nationalism and wars of conquest.

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