The Macabre Misanthropy of Russia’s War

Watching the aftermath of the mine on the armoured personnel carrier in that video, vehicle and body parts strewn like macabre confetti across a wide radius, I am reminded of the absurdity of a war being fought by the Russian soldiers to prop up the narrative pathologies of a political ideology that is positively addicted to the invocation and cultivation of precisely this kind of self-validating brutality, fear and hatred. Quite simply: these guys are being blown to pieces in Ukraine so that Vladimir Putin and his friends can remain in power. It is not being done for the security and safety of their country, it is being done for the security and safety of a small number of greedy misanthropes.

Someone really should remind Mr. Putin that there is a fine line between being a historical figure and becoming a hysterical one, and that in crossing this line as he, his regime and their media commentators so catastrophically have, that there is only so long he can hide the incontrovertible fact of his monumental failure as a leader. If you have to force your own people to fight in a war, they are quite clearly not your people. It is really only a matter of time before someone arrives to extinguish the Russian regime’s illegitimate political career.

Any fool can start a war. It takes real courage and leadership to invoke and sustain a lasting peace.

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