There is a monumental level of incompetence and corruption in the Russian systems of command. I have no political interest and no partisan alignment. This is about humanity. It is an unjust war that is being fought for little more reason than that the insidiously oppressive totalitarian regime is entirely unable to comprehend that if they had been able to effectively manage their own nation they would have achieved more influence and power than they ever can by the singularly most stupid and costly methods of conflict and war.

The truth here is that the Russian regime is addicted to the kinds of power and control that can only ever exist in a country divided and afraid. They seek to create the internal division amongst their own people so they can control them, to send them to die like cattle in entirely unnecessary wars of imperialism. They seek to keep their own country afraid so they can stay in power as vampire-like arbiters of disinformation and lies. Russia is about two steps away from another major upheaval and proxy revolution and it is precisely because they know this that Medvedev and Putin, among others, are raising the specter of nuclear Armageddon and religiously-inflected descriptions of Ukraine as being Satanists, Nazis, etc. The regime calls Ukraine fascist while Russia themselves are engaging in the fascist murder, brutality, rape and looting of another country. It is absurd.

Russia, please get yourself a better system of government, the current one stinks.

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