Atavism, Warfare and Cruelty

Putin’s guilt is Russia’s shame.

The totalitarian regime in Russia is dependent on ideological throwbacks as atavisms to an ancient world of unsophisticated inter-tribal brutality and ignorance. They have been shaping and preparing their population to participate in (or silently endure) this kind of extravagant savagery for many decades but under Putin the accompanying sociopolitical devolution and institutional disassembly has only accelerated.

The percolation of unrepentantly violent thugs to positions of power is not a consequence, it is a necessary anchor and causal factor in the caricatured ideological narratives of history that have been cultivated and refined over the last few decades. The rank simplicity of the Russian regime’s ideological justifications and paranoiac propaganda for their war are trumped only by the degree and extent to which the actual cost of such a story of narcissistic imperialist self-importance is the (even more) rapid decay of their own nation as they attempt to destroy Ukraine’s country and people.

Have no doubt, Putin and his sycophantic minions are under any rational analysis suffering from an ideological psychosis. The violence and brutality they are so positively addicted to and upon which their personal power and wealth is critically dependent has led parts of Eastern Ukraine to now resemble the scarred and barren trench warfare landscapes of World War One.

This kind of violence and indiscriminately criminal brutality must be confonted, halted and reversed or it will, like a cancer, undergo metastasis and inflict just such a vast horror and hardship as this across Europe and the wider world. The bigger truth and fact here is that this is a war that we are all in together as one planet unified against the rising tide and marching terror of an irredeemable autocratic evil.

The world is with you Ukraine. Yours is a historically monumental battle for the freedom, for the future and for the soul of humanity.  We can never lose. We will never lose.

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