Protecting Language and Culture in Ukraine

Simultaneously admirable and fascinating, Ukrainian archivists are working hard to keep their language and culture safe. The language and written words by and through which human beings define their commonalities and cultural bonds of collaborative identity, as much as their resonant and dissonant differences, is unveiled as the treasure worth fighting for that it has always been.

A salient moment perhaps not only for the provision of digital archiving tools but of a literal cloud of globally-distributed data storage that ensures that the records as living memory of the sovereign nation can never be extinguished by an ideological pathology that seeks precisely this kind of erasure.

It is such an enigma that language as the primary transmission medium of a unifying culture and vibrant national identity can also be the central tool for the invocation of the pathological totalitarianism that seeks to eradicate it. A central difference between a sovereign democracy and an imperialist regime  being that the imperialist forever seeks to justify their actions through the dissimulation of the very facts that the dialects of democracy are natural heirs to.

A most valuable lesson might hide in plain sight here.

The totalitarian is a charlatan that dissimulates possession of the truth that the democracy protects.

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