Democratic hetereogeneity is the winning gambit against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

An observation on the strategic utility of a “cat’s breakfast” as Ukraine’s harlequin coat of diverse systems and logistical support requirements is that the cost in maintenance and integration is at least partially offset by the complexity that Russian forces must themselves absorb to be able to counter this variety. The second-order consequences of a substantially complex materiel systems architecture and integrated communications system is that the Russians will be tripping over themselves trying to develop strategies of sufficient sophistication to counter it. If you’ve been paying attention over the last 11 months, you’ll notice that anything other than monolithic strategic simplicity is the core blindspot and Achilles Heel of the Russian military, perhaps a function of their bloody-minded totalitarian overlord(s) but more generally as an acquired property of dissonant ineptitude and corruption.

Diversity trumps singularity; democratic heterogeneity is the winning gambit.

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