Troglodyte Dictators

It is not always immediately obvious but it remains as something of an irreducible fact that the variously self-branded dictators, imperialists and draconian autocrats of this world are really quite unintelligent. Yes, they may have many thousands of very clever individuals, organisations and institutions working on their behalf but the essence of their message and aspirations is really quite simple. It is the prehistoric savagery and atavistic tribal violence of a pseudo-human that has discovered that with their big stick or spear they can control others, take whatever they want and render brutality as they see fit.

They may partially mask their unrepentant misanthropy in all the dressings of culture, political ideology and xtravagant wealth but the core fact remains that these men are little more than gibbering morons that seek to bludgeon their worlds into submission. There are many tragedies that follow from this but out of them remain as a function of the extent to which each and all of the current crop of dictatorial fear mongers is really little more than an angry monkey waving its crude weapons at the world.

The game of words they play may contain more verbs, more nouns, more sophisticated references and self-validating narratives of tyrannical oppression but they are nothing more than hapless idiots that failed at some elementary level to understand the world and their place in it. They drag their nations into conflict because they are too stupid to realise that this is always the most costly way of acquiring, sustaining and guaranteeing political power.

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