Putin can not control the wildfire he has started

There really is little doubt that the political leadership in Moscow have entangled themselves in a monumentally catastrophic historical failure and no amount of extremist nationalistic rhetoric can free them from this mess or incentivise their own long-suffering people to free them. It is starting to become clear that this political class of kleptocratic psychopaths possess just enought wit to start an intractable conflict but serially demonstrate their intellectual incompetence to resolve this situation in anything even vaguely approximating to a strategic recovery. Russia’s greatest burden was never NATO, it has always been the unbounded corrupt failures and misanthropic tyrrany of the autocratic thieves that lead them stumbling from 9ne disaster to another. Even if this conflict does not grow and escalate into World War 3, the scale of a major nuclear disaster will bring such hardship and suffering onto all peoples of that region that Putin’s name will forever be held in disdain and shame by all who might ever in future dare utter it.

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