Iterations: Use reality, politics, news, media, history, literature, art, relationships, experience and other people’s ideas, words and comments to inspire your own words.  (I often write comments for blog posts, (other) social media, YouTube, etc. and sometimes find that it is something that may be worth sharing elsewhere.)  Read widely.  Then read more.


PreparationsWrite, edit, re-write and post.  Panic that there are errors and then spend the next 90 minutes or so going back over your post trying to work out what in the hell you were trying to say in the first place.  Update your post.


Depressions: Come back later to find no likes or comments and, feeling somewhat dispossessed and undervalued, proceed to rewrite your post as an epic dramatisation of a family lost on an Australian Outback camping trip and their unexpected saviour “Brian”, the uncannily clever  pet koala with a mysterious talent for conducting emergency surgical procedures in survival situations.


Reparations: Two days after writing your post come back and then return it to something vaguely resembling the original whilst continuing to reassure yourself that someone actually reads what you write and people don’t just follow you so that you will look at their writing.  Return three weeks later to rewrite significant sections of the post and ensure that all those irritating grammatical and spelling errors are finally under control.


Expression: Summarily forget everything that you have written in preparation for later rewriting exactly the same thing in a different way.


Reflections: The fear of meaningless existence, of not leaving a ripple on the surface of the deep waters within which we swim, of inevitable decay and death without impact or attributed value (i.e. meaning) from others.  I suspect it is a not so stealthy nor cryptic fact of the blogging culture that other than being among other things a long-form social media experience, this is where we may suspend our disbelief in the existential void we suspect to be lurking behind appearances, where we come to weave beautiful semantic tapestries and admire (like a fish to a dancing, sparkling lure) the minds we are and the vocabularies and mental worlds we share; the rich creative realities we have woven (like some meta-mathematical enigma or material world conjured from naked axiom and logic) out of the pure nothingness of this void.


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