Art without Affirmation

Valuable intellectual, artistic or literary creative work is not dependent upon affirmation…

Artistic, literary, creative production can be cathartic without the need for a teleology of success or the constant seeking of approval and self-affirmation from other people. The monolithic culture-machines which celebrate and sanctify this aspiration to success and mass recognition (i.e. fame) also seem to subliminally cultivate a deep insecurity and dependence on acknowledgement which unconsciously binds people to this whole psychological economy and process. Seeking success and self-affirmation because everyone else does is ironically the anathema of the individuality and uniqueness which creative or other celebrities allegedly aspire to. If your art is any good, it will probably be recognised one day – if not, at least you lived your life on your own terms and with authenticity.

Context: Bukowski on creativity contra age.

One reply on “Art without Affirmation”

Belief that your art is good is always coupled with a desire to share it with others. Finding the cure for cancer and not telling anyone isn’t “finding the cure for cancer”. If you seek primarily to be famous and secondarily to be profound you will likely fail and be forgotten within a generation. If however you seek to be profound first, but actually are motivated by a desire to positively impact others, then you will practice due diligence in marketing and publicizing your work.

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