Measuring distances, calculating quantities, dissecting organisms and systems, reductionist logics and behavioural taxonomies. All that we can be proven to be might be so many chemicals, so many minerals, assemblages of cells and their associated patterns and symmetries of oscillating electrical energies, information storage or transfer mechanisms. If all that we can be proven to be is the result of so many rational axioms and combinatory algorithms, this does not necessarily mean that this is all that we are.

The value of science as an open-ended creative enterprise is, among other things, in its unremitting incompleteness and perennial iterative process of what is ultimately self-discovery. While that which might be logically demonstrated and explained through accumulated evidence, discovered axiom and verifiable theory is compelling and provides foundational resources from which to explore philosophical meaning and purpose in life, it does not capture the experience and value in our lived existence. It may be of the nature of science to be always just slightly outside the inner circle of living matter and sentience (if not intelligence), forever orbiting its object in free-fall but never quite attaining it. The allure of truth propels us towards our object and on some asymptotic curve; tracing circles and spirals around an ineffable blind-spot, itself incurred by the presence of our own consciousness and lived sentient existence within the partially-detached axioms and theories we endlessly generate.

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