The fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves and we all share this responsibility…

We are our own burden; self-inflicted catastrophes proliferate.  Beyond any amorphous aspirations of faith or other teleological framework of belief, the concrete facts of humanity’s unrelenting collective ignorance, wilful cruelty and unremitting self-affliction remains.  We do not so much carry a cross as we carry the collective weight of our own Global incompetencies and miscomprehensions, of confusion and pride. Admitting the existence of the problem is always the first step but who here among us is prepared to admit to their own weakness or ignorance ?

The acknowledgement of a Higher Power is not mandatory but in as much as the psychological security provided by this can have some positive effects, it is probably in the acceptance that we ourselves are both burden and solution, that we ourselves (in the stark vacuum and conspicuous absence of definitive theological evidence) are left alone to be our own source of remedy.  The fault, dear friend, lies not in our stars but in ourselves and we must seek our solutions in seeking to remediate this shared ignorance in which we all participate.


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