Context: Wired – Security News This Week: The Deloitte Breach Was Worse Than We Thought

There exists a non-trivial difference and distance between the grandiose claims of technological consistency and efficacy made by corporations and the empirical facts of an unrelenting litany of catastrophic security failures. It is probably something of a mathematical inevitability that any bounded, defined system is implicitly vulnerable (by virtue of its own structure) to extension, vulnerability and exploitation. Yet again, a thoroughly mechanistic analog thought process and assertion of consistency/completeness fails to hammer the square peg of it’s own fallacious assumptions through the round hole of digital transformation. The technology may inevitably always be limited in some way but the real faults and problems which derive from this situation lie in human psychology.

We are as a species overly fond of narratives of completion and logical consistency but we are prone to overlooking the foundational errors of assumption we make. Reality has absolutely no obligation to conform to our assumptions about it. Human ingenuity and an endless incentive and existential imperative for self-interest imply that the technological conflict of information and communication security, exploitation and subsequent technical evolution is fundamentally an open-ended, incomplete process.

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