There’s nothing much particularly positive to say about this (image) beyond it being a specific instance and presence of a visually pleasing memorial aesthetic; perhaps, in passing reflection that death represents to our living experience a rupture and unanswerable question or otherwise unfinishable aphorism of self-expression. We can only understand or illustrate death and non-existence from within a symbolic vocabulary derived from life and experience (which itself implicates the many and diverse narratives of after-life as being acts of instinctive desperation to secure some metaphysical anchor and literal lifeline, emotional reassurance and certainty beyond that terminal event horizon of personal extinction). It remains an existential dilemma that lies beyond embodied meaning; as such, bound to remain in the periphery external to all aspiration of faith or other such unprovable metaphysical wish-fulfillment; that forever incomplete sentence of self-affirmation and symbolic euphemism only ever utterable from this side of the veil as “I am…”

On the weight of all available evidence and subsequent logical inevitability we are forced to assume that no one ever completes their own eulogistic conclusion of “…not.”


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