It seems to me that we are all far too easily led by people who claim that they have all the answers. These personalities have only usually discovered an answer to the question of best practice self-promotion for profit and pleasure. The level of intelligence required for this does not stretch far beyond someone discovering that the fastest way to acquire wealth is to write a book about the fastest way to acquire wealth.

Of course, when the marketplace is overpopulated with simplistic solutions for wealth and power acquisition, an entrepreneurial personality needs to find alternative solutions. Unfortunately, this quite often entails the cultivation of outrageous, inflammatory and indifferent public assertions. It is an authentic tragedy that wisdom and intelligence are less valued than vitriol and selfishness across our shared contemporary global media and communications culture.

It really makes you wonder what it is about negative psychological or emotional states and narratives which seems to be so very much more contagious than the positive ones; what is the barb on the hook of negative narrative which just “sticks” in consciousness so successfully and resonates so broadly across social networks and cultures ? It can only really under any thoughtful analysis ever come back to fear as an explanatory framework for this psychological dynamic and informational symmetry. The commercial success and self-propagating semantic patterns of shallow, stupid, selfish and indifferent narratives reveals something profound about just where our global zeitgeist “is at” right now.

I find that I can only continue to exist or to find sufficient justification to not just completely disengage from the world if I am able to believe that most people are decent and at base good, that they are just far too easily led by those others with something considerably less that pure or noble motivations. Ignorance we can fix; wilful stupidity is another matter altogether.

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