Context: Philosophy is critical to a high-tech future

Beyond the “big ticket” glamorous topics of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing or Ethics in Technology Applications, professional philosophers could find profound utility in contemporary organisational, technological contexts as facilitators of clear thinking and argument. Proliferating ambiguities, misinterpretation, miscommunication and poorly-defined “best practices” have degenerated into organisational contexts in which an aggregated rhetorical poverty is proving debilitating for technological innovation and adaptive growth.

Some kind of empty faith that the sophistication and power of technology will automatically, intrinsically or magically allow human beings to overcome their various tribal biases and implicit psychological flaws seem to fuel the overall trust and dependency we have all placed in the world of Information Technology.  Commercial, competitive imperatives inevitably drive manufactured superficialities of perceived technological efficiency and benefit which, while clearly at least partially true, may not represent the actual efficiencies and benefits of these technologies.  Questions as to the ultimate goals and end-game(s) of hyper-commercial technological advancement could be asked, but probably will not be.  Is the acquisition of effect, influence and wealth its own sufficient reason ?

For all the talk of Organisational Philosophy in business and technology, there is little consideration being given to a Philosophy of Organisation.

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