A purpose for sadness…

There is a purpose for entropy, dissonance and the perceived affliction of psychological discomfort or unhappiness. Although we rarely possess the clarity or the broad perspective which allows us to see it for what it is, the isolation and loneliness which we all endure at times is an expression of entropy. Entropy and disorder in the system of the world can manifest as isolated individuals, swimming against the current. In a way, to be an individual is always to be swimming against the current and for the most part, group membership and (a) tribal consensus as to the reality and substance of individual selves is a mischievous sleight of hand by which those patterns and symmetries of information and energy that express themselves through us, as us, continue to exist.

The cultural and social world as a whole self-propagates through isolated nodes, persons, artefacts, entities – it needs them and it creates them, and in their isolation and subjective emotional dissonance it generates the novelty and difference that it needs to continue to exist. So – your sadness, our disaffection and internal or shared conflict – when seen from a global information and complex systems perspective, it is necessary for the self-propagation and metamorphosis of logic and information. No wonder, then, that so many creative personalities find themselves so afflicted by sadness and depression – as a whole, the world needs this to occur.

Title photograph by Karen Jerzyk https://karenjerzykphoto.zenfolio.com/p39201574/haf8131ea#haf8131ea

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