My Space Dream

My space dream is to explain all of this mystery and beauty; to uncover or cultivate that logical emptiness and discontinuity at the heart of sentience and existence. It is a simple dream…

My space dream… is to uncover or discover or invent that creative logical necessity by which a Cosmos might conjure itself out of nothing, like an empty Set recursively inflected inwards upon, through (and as) itself. To discover that all of this emergent complexity and endlessly extensible logical metamorphosis is nothing more than a thermodynamic and systems-theoretical inevitability of information and energy-processing systems, a rational mechanism of self-exponentiated and asymptotic complexity; that the unfurling intricacies of random entropy and patterned order are autonomously directed towards an axiomatic “bootstrapping” enigma of sentient observation.

My space dream is to reflexively reinvent our shared perception of all of space and time, of ourselves, our world and through this, mischievously like a fading Cheshire-cat smile, to derive a fact that systemic unity in social, ideological or cognitive essence is only explicable through a manifest discontinuity of emptiness or non-existence and self-propagating paradox; that human existence and intelligence is the living embodiment of this mystery that, as in medieval mystical and philosophical apophasis, can only ever intuitively “un-say” itself and instantiate as logical incompleteness and as that epistemological blindspot of systemic emptiness.

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