What is the “Secret Sauce” of Life and Intelligence?

The question might become as of the extent to which integrated biological systems express or manifest an altogether more subtle logic than purely brute-forced calculation. We have a tendency to isolate intelligence and problem solving in the processing unit but, beyond the implicit (or at least plausible) value in any identifiable circuits and cleverly-constructed cybernetic feedback loops endemic to processors or artificial learning systems, what is the distributed and emergent quality of a living system that enables such astounding energy efficiency and endlessly-creative adaptation?

There is another logic at work here. It is the product of a constitutively recursive and unbounded, self-inflected object-hierarchy or ontological matrix that experiences no debilitating paradox in the functional and operational mischief of system self-containment. Where we observe an inhibiting void and challenging logical vacuum of or as holistic systemic self-containment, it is a property of our own shallow (and cognitive) limitations more than it is of the possible ways we might approach these problems. There is a unifying property of such systems ontologies and it is, counter-intuitively, and yet quite necessarily, conspicuous by its absence.

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