An endless stream of temporal effervescence, flashing past at the speed of light and being that our poor monkey brains were never made for understanding high-dimensional concepts beyond 3 or 4 critical components or objects of interest, we encrypt our world into symbolic abstractions and equations that for all their explanatory power always lose a little reality in the essentially tautological or unwittingly narcissistic cognition-as-compression of rational translation.

The reality we inhabit possesses such implicit high-dimensionality of information and referential or relational complexity that we find ourselves effectively lost-at-sea with only the simplest caricatures and idioms with which to navigate vast oceans of human symbolic self-replication.

There is nothing wrong with seeking mnemonics but the ones we use are quite clearly and in the light of unrelenting catastrophe, of shambling demented insecurity as mobs and belligerent morons or conflict and confusion, not optimal.

An interesting observation to be made is also that the world we live in most effectively and efficiently self-replicates in ways which don’t give much a solid rolled gold damn about human aspirations or belief systems.

Our chaos and confusion of mind and action persists as a fact because this dissonance and discontinuity is the most efficient way by which our world self-propagates through a transmission medium of minds and artefacts; we generate a threshold level of entropy through which our world evolves.

Linear continuity is deceptive, but so are all aspirations to cognitive certainty or psychological and ideological security.

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