Logical Flowers

Finding myself alone and sitting in a local coffee shop on a Saturday morning, I noticed a game of chess in progress at the table behind me.

It struck me that the specific configuration of the end game being stumbled through with much gusto (and less art) was quite possibly a unique pattern of logical grammar that had never existed before. Like a unique flower or orchid of probabilities converging on a single thread of manifest fact, it was a unique if perhaps grammatically-speciated artefact in this cosmos.

Such is every living thing and every life. In relentless acquiescent concession to participatory self-validation and variations on a theme of sameness through which we all self-reflexively self-validate our lives, we rarely stop to consider that we are each and all unique in the Cosmos.

We are each the instance of an abstraction and self-propagating unity that can only ever manifest as distributed, integrated variation, difference and a differentiated, dissociative individuation. In everything we do, we are the logical flowers.

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