Quantum Hyper-Dimensionality

Context: Is reality a game of quantum mirrors? A new theory suggests it might be

It is as though we exist on the interior of a spherical object embedded in higher dimensional space, the half-mirrored hyper-surface projecting all manner of rippling labyrinthine reflections that inflate in and as our phenomenological experience of a manifest world of tactile extension as hyper-extended cognition.

It is of the nature of reflexive linguistic and ontological orderings that we communicate with ourselves and the world to foreground a (literally) sensible, rationalist coherence and completeness to the object relations through which we render our experience intelligible.

That the instances of objects or selves we perceive are “real” is not in question; that the nature of that reality exists as a terminal endpoint in which those objects and entities represent any kind of ontological closure is the salient enigmatic issue.

If this has taught us anything, it is that we only inhabit the thinnest slice of a mezzanine low-dimensional transience in which the facts of measurement and observation indicate not that which is there, but that which is not and the disturbing (but not entirely incomprehensible) truth that seems to underlie this is that we, ourselves, represent a hollow impermanence to that vast complexity beyond.

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