Half-wits and Sycophants: Environmental Mismanagement

Our shared global environmental responsibility is implicit. Notice, however, that the extent to which  care for environment constitutively and foundationally is care for self is occluded by a particular – one might say spectacular – naivete born of best-guess and generally blind approximation to existential self-interest. A technologically-mediated civilisation-scale individuated, interpersonal and collective subjectivity breaks the silver thread upon which it, itself, depends.

I am frustrated by the degree of ignorance and selfish stupidity that is in play in this context across all nations and stratified hierarchies. It is a deep and sophisticated intellectual problem which is for the most part being catastrophically mismanaged by half-wits and sycophants. The responsibility is shared by all of us but the ineptitude is centralised, distilled, refined, rewarded.

First principles: (any) non-trivially sophisticated or complex system is encapsulated by an environment; autocatalytic feedback loops infer that environment is also functionally and logically encapsulated by the sub-systems that constitute it. The ontology: two (or more) systems that each contain the other, both mirrored in and as one system that contains itself. The mathematics and logic is nowhere near as interesting as the underlying facts of bootstrapped recursion.

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