Democracy, Peace, Complexity

Notice that from a complex systems interpretation, Democracy is always and already much more efficient in the management of (an) inevitably-arising internal dissonance or sophisticated, emergent complexity (i.e. entropy). It is a mandatory property of sustainable system continuity that entropy must be managed and, in a generalised sense, must be offset or displaced to an environment.

The constructive difference of Democracy (although hardly perfect) inadvertently invokes an adaptive response to the obligations of physics, vis-a-vis information and energy-processing dissonance, uncertainty and structural discontinuity. This is the effective engagement and sustainable continuity of interior systemic “harmonic oscillation”.

Authoritarian states maintain a foundationally inflexible system structure that offsets entropy externally, often enough as empire-building and belligerent self-determination. Notice, as a key point, that the successful management as integrated and distributed patterning of systemic entropy precisely is the strength of diversity (and peace). Authoritarian states are fragile because their axiomatic, ideological base cannot permit the interior dissonance that successful, living, growing systems require.

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