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Post-Truth: Ignorance is Not Strength

We have now graduated past “my ignorance is as good as your knowledge” and have entered a “post-truth” world where any witless assertion whatsoever might be interpreted as defensible fact.  There can surely now be no turning back.  There can be  no “peak post-truth” or “post-post-truth”.

Truthiness: unsubstantiated facts for pleasure and profit.

We appear to be inextricably trapped in an infinite regress of information bubbles, themselves a consequence of the economics of contemporary journalism.  Postmodernist scholars would love this, not that anyone grants much veracity to Postmodernism anymore but then, if Postmodernists themselves are not considered to be bearers of truth, then they are bearers of post-truth and have successfully prefabricated the demise of their own retrospective “truthiness“.

1984.  21st Century disinformation can be so stylish and retro.

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