Engaging Fake News: Information Security, Journalism and Artificial Intelligence

Here is some interesting content on the topic of identifying fake news and media content Verifying online information: The absolute essentials. Related to this - AI is rapidly becoming proficient at generating compelling, targeted falsehoods and dissimulating sources across diverse media artefacts, channels and contexts.  In information security there is a turn towards entirely automated…

It’s all a Conspiracy, dude…

Conspiracy theories are interesting, if for the most part demonstrably false. In the integrated information environment we live in, conspiracies are the little sisters of fake news but it is all on a colourful spectrum from plausible fiction to complete and utter bullshit.

The Implicit Psychological Entropy of Social Media

Ideological turbulence, media distrust, fake news and the hyper-inflating bias towards successfully self-propagating inflammatory rhetoric in (or as) social media is one instance of a broader principle through which life and intelligence negotiate and harness or exploit entropy in information and energy processing systems.

Information System Reflexivity

The key selection factor for successful pattern self-replication in a transmission medium is the extent to which the information content of that message also (reflexively) supports the propagation of the integrated or gestalt information system represented by the networked transmission medium itself.

Ideological Entropy

Where intellectual or ethical bankruptcy is the pivot upon which any untenable political assertion or associated narrative rests, an overinvestment in faulty reasoning becomes something of an inevitability.


The attainment of political power is the sole end of pure political gamesmanship and the possession of appropriate aptitude or competency perhaps long ago became a secondary consideration...