Science and Religion

Contrary belief systems can coexist in the same knowledge and information space.

Contrary belief systems can coexist in the same knowledge and information space.  The resonance and vibrant patterns of difference we experience in (and as) our various divergent and unified cultural and social worlds – these are not only possible in spite of the fundamental difference of opinions which cohabit there, the differences and diversities generate a friction which positively enervates culture, communication and social systems.  The divergent vectors of contrary paradigms or channels of social and psychological experience, of existence (an ontological boundary of sorts) provide energy to one another: the boundaries of one thing may be illustrated (in a Gestalt figure-ground relationship) by the boundaries of its diametric opposite – oppositional assertions in this way (topologically) lock together and structure interdependent relations.

Then again, science and religion are not diametrically opposed (we should not imagine a pragmatic rationalist Sherlock Holmes pitted against a similarly metaphorical religious fundamentalist Professor Moriarty) – it is the biased interpretations and generally self-serving politically-motivated translation of any one which attempts to deny that they both share the same epistemological geometry or conceptual, linguistic or language-game space; that is – the quest for knowledge, self-knowledge and meaning.  Acknowledging that the ultimate goals may be similar does not of course allow for any authentic equivocation of scientific fact with religious belief but they both remain coexistent and authentic artefacts or products of human existence and experience.  A little tolerance goes a long way…

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