It remains an unacknowledged fact that most instances of the use of “austerity measures” indicates an all but complete incompetence on the behalf of the government in regards to being able to understand the complexity of the problems which have led them to see deep cutbacks as some form of solution. The longer-term and more expensive consequences of wielding political ideology as an economic solution are at least partially a consequence of Democracy’s enduring error of allowing those of insufficient intelligence or aptitude to guide the immensely complex and dynamic policies which shape nation’s destinies. Being able to successfully play the game of being elected to power is not congruent with actually being able to do the job, to play the much more complex game of actually leading a nation. Beyond the classically Conservative affectations of slicing and dicing UK social services, this also represents a total failure of political and economic intelligence.

Reference: NHS protest: Tens of thousands march against ‘hospital cuts’

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