Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction is a growing phenomenon. It is a problem-space defined by the deep irony that the more connected we all become by the putatively "social" information and communication technologies, the more isolated we all feel ourselves to be. In this context, expectation is fundamentally, foundationally discontinuous with experience.


Stepping off from a clockwork world of linear dynamics and a simple algebra of actors, effects and geopolitical stages into a new conceptual vocabulary of complex and multidimensional, plastic spaces and warping logical dimensions...

Catastrophy Beyond Imagination

Some dawning realities are so vast that we do not even have words, let alone cognitive methods, to characterise or represent them. Climate Change is one of these realities.

Human Tide

A clear and present burden of political and commercial "short-term-ism" is that it constantly displaces (its own) costs to the future.

Economics, Beyond Politics ?

We are still collectively attempting to build economic perpetual-motion engines of constant growth when the tools for building resilient emergent complexities into a potentially organic financial ecosystem already exist within our shared scientific and technical, conceptual vocabularies...