Extrasensory Perfection

The revelations of quantum theory and relativistic cosmology would once have appeared to be outright lunacy…

The revelations of quantum theory and relativistic cosmology would once have appeared to be outright lunacy. The consequences of these theories are so far removed from the immediate everyday incarnate experience of human beings that without extensive explanation and educational grounding in the actual evidence and reasoning behind these things, many people might just deny the validity and possibility of wormholes, gravitational time-warping, fluid-like spacetime and the bizarre quantum world of probabilities, non-locally connected events and the mysterious role that consciousness and active observation plays in all of this. All of these things seem crazy to anyone who doesn’t understand the logic and rationale which supports them. Ironically, the very small, very temporary shared and consensus cultural world of ours which we usually take for granted in its rational sensibility and recursive semantics – this is actually probably ultimately far stranger and rarer than any magnificent logical extrapolation from physics and the Universe as we currently understand it. The measured madness and narcissistic self-obsession of our human world has foundational difficulty understanding Truth, and often disavows it because it is threatening to a psychologically insecure being, shivering in the wilderness and grasping for understanding and knowledge. In some contexts and circumstances, people call the truth insane and embrace the madness of our own limited world because they are too intimidated by the immensity of the Cosmos and it’s deep, strange rules and dynamics.

The authentically “reality-challenged” usually just fade away into a heavily fortified tin shack in a forest somewhere, haunted by their conspiracies or, alternatively, seek (and often enough obtain) political office and inflict their insanity and insidious world-views upon everyone else.

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