That which we love, kills us.

That which we love, kills us. This thread of life and passing narrative or musical improvisation that we all embody - it is a self-propagating pattern of information and energy. We find ourselves serendipitously located at a point of resonance or systemic sweet spot of scale and complexity at which sentience and intelligence has invoked…

The March of the Immaterial Abstractions

A patterned liquid probability and abstract symmetry of information flow. The form and flow of this life and logical information space we inhabit is as much a matter of what we are not as what we are; we are manifestations and expressions of that life beyond us as much as that within.  There exists a…

Social Reorganisation: Lessons from Physics and Nature

All ordered organisational systems are engaged in an endless competition with (and of) disorder and entropy; it is a race to weave order and patterned persistence from available resources while the other end of the tapestry continuously unravels into largely unrecoverable waste and loss. These organisational systems aspire to a relatively stable or constructively adaptive…

Cyber Insecurity: Endless Breaches

Context: New Data Breach Has Exposed Millions Of Fingerprint And Facial Recognition Records: Report There is an enigma here, far beyond the rank foolishness of keeping vast quantities of such sensitive data in an unencrypted format (see the linked article), there is a deeper problem. The more valuable any data is, the more incentive there…

The Great Unknown

It is only an immature psychological and cultural status which seeks certainty and completion in all things and in so doing, generates endless entropy and confusion. Science has no logical endpoint.


The logical necessity of recursively enigmatic self-propagation remains mysterious and somehow also essential for life and sentience.

Countering the Inordinate Power of the Big Technology Companies

Corporate power in the technology domain is a complex cartography but it is not indecipherable. It takes intelligence and subtlety to address the problem of autonomously self-propagating information systems that have grown too large, too fast and in all of this speed and runaway self-replication represent something of an atavistic return to a state of accelerated reproduction which in cells occurs in (or as) cancer.