We are Nowhere…

We are Nowhere. A very specific Nowhere; unique and interesting (although perhaps not only) by virtue of the presence of sentient observers, of ourselves. In an expanding (accelerating !) Universe of some 2 trillion galaxies, each with anywhere up to several hundred billion stars and the countless worlds orbiting those stellar crucibles, organisms of unimaginable variety and morphology, sentient life-forms and civilisations at varying stages of technological complexity and organisational maturity – the only truly unique thing about our own spatiotemporal location is the naked fact of our existence here. It may be a fragile and beautiful Nowhere, equally populated with so many fragile and beautiful people, cultures, animals and ecosystems; but it is still Nowhere. Knowing we are Nowhere takes humility, it is an acknowledgement only truly possible through a mature consideration of the broadest horizons and most majestic depths of our shared existential context.

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