The utter vacuum and meaningless emptiness at the very heart of our existence is disconcerting, dissonant and it is in general the last thing that anyone wants to hear about or acknowledge. From those brief few years we may each be lucky enough to experience, we seek and weave what little meaning and purpose we…


As you get older it seems that your options diminish, quite literally and as entropy takes hold the vast numbers of disordered states that you might end up in become less improbable, more certain. It is not so much a matter of age as it is of experience and an aggregate burden of negotiating the…

Self-Propagating Miracles

It is the strangest thing that all of this exists.  The unlikely arrival in the Cosmos of any of this human world is profound.  Our world, our cultures and all of our myriad differences and similarities - it is a wonder and peculiarity in all of the vast immensity and silent, unknowing turbulence and mindless…


The logical necessity of recursively enigmatic self-propagation remains mysterious and somehow also essential for life and sentience.

A Boundless Cosmos

For a Universe to have spontaneously emerged from nothing may be an alternate view on the the same fact as that it has always existed. It is not the logic which fails so much as the implicit (or apparent) boundaries of our own minds.