It can be of no great surprise to any of us that there has never been any fully complete, self-consistent or comprehensively successful political system or for that matter any form of social organisation consisting of more than a bare few individuals (- consider the endemic eccentricities of the average family unit as indicative of what later, and writ larger, becomes social discontinuity and conflict). There have certainly been an excessively large number of attempts at political system-continuity and subsequent retrospective assertions of success which themselves do little more than obfuscate both: the inadequacy of the original political or social-organisational system under analysis; and, the triviality of such acts of creative recollection. The general taxonomy of political positions and their associated ideological silos tend to follow the contours and epistemological edges transcribed by a psychological stance in regards to the world and one’s self, in reference to value-systems and assumptions a person holds (or shares). This seems to be so transparent as to be utterly self-evident, except that for very many people it is not immediately obvious and they do not immediately comprehend that their own political position (if they possess one) is really just a caricatured representation of that psychic model of reality that they have adopted, absorbed or, for reasons of psychological security or personal history, assumed to be of particular significance or truth.

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